Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's been entirely too long!

Our deepest apologies for the entirely too long delay in getting more stuff posted on this blog! I guess our excuse is that our video camera had a little run in with an overly excited 9 month old girl and a kitchen tile floor. We had to send it off to be repaired and it's finally back. Wooohooo!

It seemed perfectly cruel and ironic that we lost our means to record motion just when Ayla started getting most mobile. Since July (which seems eons ago), she gotten proficient at crawling, started to pull herself up to standing, cruising along furniture and if we hold her hands she'll walk across the room!

She's also starting to cut her two top teeth, eat much more solid food and more often and talk talk talk!

Oh and she's gotten even cuter and more adorable!

Of course there's much more going on these days than these two short videos can capture. But for now it's what we got. Obviously, life continues to be extremely busy for us. I'm back in school (only got 7 months to go!) and Leigh is focusing on getting Ayla into some sort of part-time child care so she can concentrate on finishing her dissertation sometime this decade! Hopefully, they'll be more to come...somebody's got their 1st birthday coming up soon...